Moments to Savour CAKE SHOP is here! 🍰

We opened a Cake Shop!

It's time to have your cake & eat it too! 🍰

Moments to Savour Cake Shop is open each Saturday from 8.30am.

Our shop is located at 3/68 Gray Street, Mount Gambier.

What will it be you ask? It will be a place for cake and all your favourite sweet treats you have come to love πŸ’•

We can't wait to see you there!

Made for Moments To Savour

Moments to Savour is a boutique bakery specialising in nostalgic recipes passed down through generations of family bakers.
From her purpose-built kitchen on a farm near Mount Gambier, Sally creates handcrafted buttercream cakes, mouth-watering traditional biscuits, and unreservedly regret-free pastries and tarts.

Using the highest quality raw ingredients, Sally bakes moreish cakes and treats that taste every bit as good as they look.

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